Greenbank – Glory Days (2018) 7.4

Genre: Folk-Rock
Rating: 7.4

Track List:
1. Out of the Rain
2. Freedom 55
3. Small Victories
4. High and Lonesome Hungover and Homesick Blues
5. Movin’ On
6. Every Single Day
7. Heart Hurts
8. Nothing You Can’t Leave Behind
9. What Else We Can Do
10. Toss and Turn
11. Waves
12. Yard Sale Sunday

Crisp harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. The album is good but the songs seem to fall just a little flat when compared side by side to Greenbank’s energetic and engaging live show. Representing Ontario’s Thunder Bay, the band’s songs are full of small town characters and situations. Unashamedly nostalgic both in it’s retro-Canadian classic rock sound and it’s retrospective lyrics. Check out the full album stream here. And if these guys are rolling through your town I recommend checking them out. Enjoy and support.

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