All – Allroy’s Revenge (1989) 7

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Gnutheme 1:39
2. Fool 1:35
3. Check One 0:42
4. Scary Sad 2:45
5. Man-O-Steel 1:37
6. Box 3:18
7. Copping Z 2:47
8. Hot Rod Lincoln (originally performed by Charley Ryan and the Livingston Bros.) 2:49
9. She’s My Ex 3:07
10. Bubblegum 2:36
11. Mary 3:18
12. Net 4:09
13. No Traffic 2:51
14. Carnage 2:31

The Descendents relaunched themselves as All in 1987 following Milo Aukerman’s departure from the band. By their second album ‘Allroy’s Revenge’ they were looking for a new singer to replace Smalley who left the band in late 1988, burned out by their constant touring schedule. They found Scott Reynolds to record this album. “It was like we had discovered some great gem sleeping in his car outside our practice room”, reflected drummer Bill Stevenson.

Hardcore punk influences and pop punk sensibilities create the unique sound that All crafts in these songs. Punchy and melodic ‘All’ at the same time. Highlights include ‘Box’, and the single ‘She’s My Ex’.

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