fIREHOSE – “Ragin’, Full-On” (1986) 9.6

Genre: Funk Punk
Rating: 8.2

Track List:
1. Brave Captain
2. Under the Influence of Meat Puppets
3. It Matters
4. Chemical Wire
5. Another Theory Shot to Shit
6. On Your Knees
7. Locked In
8. The Candle and the Flame
9. Choose Any Memory
10. Perfect Pairs
11. This…
12. Caroms
13. Relatin’ Dudes to Jazz
14. Things Could Turn Around

Debut release from fIREHOSE following the breakup of the influential Minutemen. All three members of fIREHOSE played in the Minutemen and reformed as fIREHOSE following the death of guitarist D. Boon.

“Ragin’, Full-On” is marked by Mike Watt’s skillfully playful bass that rages so prominent on every track. Listen to the single ‘Brave Captain’ and my personal favourite ‘Chemical Wire’. Other notable songs are ‘It Matters’ and “Relatin’ Dudes to Jazz’. Great album, listen and support.

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