Wise, Young & King – This Madness (2017) 7.4

Genre: Rock and Roll
Rating: 7.4

Track List:
1. This Madness
2. Shoot Me Up
3. Down Below
4. Slow Down
5. Hay Sally
6. Now I Know
7. In My Face
8. Keep On Running
9. Plastic World
10. Lost Control
11. Into the Storm
12. B-Side Man
13. On The Radar
14. Two Hands

Riff driven and unpretentious. Wise, Young & King have been an unsteady force on the Ottawa scene, popping up and fading away with a revolving cast of players. Members have taken time off for other projects yet always seem to return to the straight up rock and roll that you find on This Madness. Why?, because it’s fucking fun. Equally for fans of 70’s and 90’s guitar based rock these guys wear there influences on their sleeves and at the same time you can’t accuse them of playing throwback music. They make it their own.

Wise, Young & King are the creative force of Myles Bell, the vocal talents of Alan Charlton, highlighted by the other members, and held onto the rails by the brothers of rhythm Alex and Colin Scott.

Check out the links above or enjoy the full album on Spotify. Goes best with a cold beer. Favourite track: Now I Know.

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