Slack Bridges – Joy of Joys (2017) 8.5

Genre: Soul, R&B
Rating: 8.5

Track List:
1. Heard It Calling 03:26
2. Apologies 03:29
3. Beat Back 04:15
4. Doin’ This Thing 04:44
5. Joy of Joys 04:23
6. In The Drought 03:59
7. Smile 03:52
8. Jungle 04:02
9. Hunger & Havoc 03:05
10. On My Wings 05:04

Laid-back slow jams dripping with coolness.

Listen 1x daily if you are experiencing depression, negative thoughts, pettiness, relationship problems, heartbreak, anxiety, worries of any kind, poor self-image, sadness, despair, teen angst, other angsts or boredom. Repeat as necessary.

Favourite tracks: ‘Beat Back’ and ‘Jungle’. Listen and support here. Also, check out this live version of Jungle from the Shot in the Dark live series.

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