Vessels – The Great Distraction (2017) 4.4

Genre: Electronica
Rating: 4.4

Track List:
1. Mobilise 08:37
2. Deflect The Light (feat. The Flaming Lips) 06:07
3. Position 06:18
4. Radiart 06:57
5. Deeper In A Sky (feat. Harkin) 04:41
6. Gløwer 07:54
7. Trust Me (feat. Vincent Neff) 04:31
8. Everyone Is Falling 02:56
9. Radio Decay 06:33
10. Erase The Tapes (feat. John Grant) 04:54

It’s probably pretty good if you like this sort of thing. The Flaming Lips track is over-rated. Mobilise is the best from what I can tell. Check it out here.

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