Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II (Deluxe Edition) (2013) 8.6

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rating: 8.6


Rating: 8.4

Track List:
1. From The Sun 04:43
2. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) 02:45
3. So Good at Being in Trouble 03:50
4. One at a Time 02:28
5. The Opposite of Afternoon 05:25
6. No Need for a Leader 05:44
7. Monki 07:18
8. Dawn 01:08
9. Faded In The Morning 04:21
10. Secret Xtians 02:43

Lo-fi psychedelic awesomeness; like a future mash up of Prince and Hendrix played through a vintage stereo. Favourite tracks: ‘Secret Xtians’, ‘So Good at Being in Trouble’ & ‘Faded In The Morning’.

II (Deluxe Edition)

Rating: 8.6

Track List:
11. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) [Acoustic Version] 02:42
12. Faded In the Morning [Acoustic Version] 03:29
13. So Good At Being In Trouble [Acoustic Version] 03:30
14. Swing Lo Magellan [Acoustic Version] 02:47
15. Puttin It Down [Acoustic Version] 02:34

Rarely do bonus tracks make an album better. Songs originally cut from a record were probably cut for a reason and are later added for the interest of serious collectors and mega fans. In this case, these acoustic bonus tracks really add something and bookend the record nicely. They compliment the acoustic intro to ‘From The Sun’. Sample and support here.

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