Dead Weights – Mountain Arresting (2017) 8

Genre: Melodic Punk
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. Making Moves 02:38
2. Writing On The Wall 02:25
3. Tired For Nothing 02:12
4. House Is Not A Home 02:59
5. Stuck In My Head 01:49
6. Pipe Dreams & Broken Things 02:32
7. Underlined إنهاء الإحتلال 02:24
8. Hell Is A Party 03:18
9. Head In The Sand 02:01

Hoarse-voiced melodic punk from Ottawa, Canada. Straightforward, no-bullshit punk rock delivered flawlessly under the vocals of Becker who sounds like he just woke up in a ditch with a couple empty packs of darts and a bottle of bourbon. The combination sounds blissful and offers a fitting match for the lyrical content that wavers back and fourth between protest rock and existential crisis. Favourite tracks: “Making Moves”, “Underlined” & “Hell Is A Party”. Enjoy and support here.

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