Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love (2015) 7.4

Genre: Psychedelic Soul
Rating: 7.4

Track List:
1. Multi-Love 04:10
2. Like Acid Rain 02:02
3. Ur Life One Night 04:27
4. Can’t Keep Checking My Phone 04:16
5. Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty 06:04
6. The World Is Crowded 04:19
7. Stage or Screen 03:26
8. Necessary Evil 05:17
9. Puzzles 07:02

Sounding a little more polished and refined, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, returns with Multi-Love. Exploring the connections of disco, soul and R&B; UMO provides a more synth-heavy offering that still builds upon the foundations set out in II. Favourite tracks: “Multi-Love” & “The World is Crowded”. Purchase here.

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