The Flaming Lips – Scratching The Door: First Recordings Of… (2018) 7.8

Genre: Rock
Rating: 7.8

Track List:
Self Titled EP (1984)
1. Bag Full Of Thoughts
2. Out For A Walk
3. Garden Of Eyes
4. Forever Is A Long Time
5. Scratching The Door
6. My Own Planet
1st Cassette Demo (1983)
7. Killer On The Radio
8. Batman Theme
9. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
10. Handsome Johnny
2nd Cassette Demo (1983)
11. Flaming Lips Theme Song
12. The Future Is Gone
13. Underground Pharmacist
14. Real Fast Words
Hear It Is Demos
15. Groove Room
16. Jesus Shooting Heroin
17. Trains, Brains & Rain
18. Communication Breakdown
Hear It Is Session Outtake
19. Summertime Blues


This release is part of an ambitious archival project by The Flaming Lips that also includes a six- CD box set featuring their work with Restless Records called Seeing The Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings Of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990 and an extensive three disc greatest hits record simply called Greatest Hits, Vol. 1.

Here we see The Flaming Lips unearthing a collection of tracks from their garage rock beginnings sung by current lead singer, Wayne Coyne’s, brother Mark. This collection includes some tight little punk rock songs, a few fun covers, and more than a few homages to the early English psychedelic scene filtered through a garage rock lens. It’s a far cry from today’s Flaming Lips and current fans may be interested to go back and listen to the evolution after hearing this compilation. Favourite track: ‘Killer on the Radio’.

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