Neil Young – Roxy: Tonight’s the Night (2018) 9.6

Genre: Blues Rock
Rating: 9.6

Track List:
Side one
1. “Intro” 0:51
2. “Tonight’s the Night” 6:48
3. “Roll Out the Barrel” 0:52
4. “Mellow My Mind” 3:11
5. “World on a String” 2:43
6. “Band Intro” 1:23
Side two
1. “Speakin’ Out” 6:37
2. “Candy Bar Rap” 0:31
3. “Albuquerque” 3:51
4. “Perry Como Rap” 0:17
5. “New Mama” 2:39
6. “David Geffen Rap” 0:35
7. “Roll Another Number (For the Road)” 4:40
8. “Candy Bar 2 Rap” 0:28
Side three
1. “Tired Eyes” 7:02
2. “Tonight’s the Night – Part II” 6:38
3. “Walk On” 3:38
4. “Outro” 0:31

To celebrate the opening of the Roxy Theatre, Neil Young and his backing band of the time, The Santa Monica Flyers, played two shows a night on September 20, 21, and 22, 1973. Having just finished recording Tonight’s the Night, this album is a live track by track collection of that same album, one that wouldn’t be released for another two years in 1975.

This live album captures all of the wounded spirit, unpolished character, raw energy and boozy banter from a dark and stunning peak in Young’s long career. Fav track: “Roll Another Number (For the Road)”. Enjoy this album wherever music can be found.

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