Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame (2010) 9

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rating: 9

Track List:
1. “Stranger” – 3:44
2. “Shadow People” (with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys) – 4:13
3. “Station” (Drumming provided by Tommy Bendel) – 3:11
4. “Unbearable Why” (Drumming provided by Gregg Mervine) – 3:13
5. “Where’d All the Time Go?” – 3:55
6. “Later” – 3:09
7. “I Only Wear Blue” – 3:43
8. “Someday” – 3:21
9. “Mirror, Mirror” (Guest vocals by Eliza Jones) – 2:50
10. “Jackie Wants a Black Eye” (Guest vocals by Jackie Jugan and John Balzarin) – 3:05
11. “Shame, Shame” (with Jim James of My Morning Jacket) – 5:16


Vibrant and woozy release by Dr. Dog. This album is slightly more polished than previous releases but what it looses in polish it makes up for in enthusiasm for studio recording. This album feels less like an improvised late night kitchen party and more of a deliberate document to the craftmanship of Dr. Dog. Fav tracks: “Later” & “Shame, Shame” Check it out here.

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