Czarface & MF Doom – Czarface meets Metal Face (2018) 8.9

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 7.8

Track List:
1. “Take Your Medicine” 0:52
2. “Meddle with Metal” 3:26
3. “Badness of Madness” 2:56
4. “Close Talker” 0:50
5. “Forever People” 3:20
6. “Captain Crunch” 3:57
7. “Don’t Spoil It” 1:39
8. “Phantoms” (featuring Open Mike Eagle) 4:19
9. “Bomb Thrown” 4:32
10. “You Masked for It” 1:22
11. “Astral Traveling” (featuring Vinnie Paz) 3:50
12. “Nautical Depth” 3:31
13. “Stun Gun” 2:03
14. “MF Czar” 3:22
15. “Captain Brunch” 2:29
16. “Sleeping Dogs” 1:09

“Look out! Run through your town on attack mode!”

Cartoonish beats like Saturday mornings and comic bookish lyrics like before Hollywood killed all the subversive danger that was inherent to comic book nostalgia. Everything on this album is a throwback to a time when hip hop and comic books had more in common; when they were both dangerous, misunderstood by adults, and had respect for a craft that was born out of competition and opposition. ‘Every hero needs a villain’ was as true for comics as it was for hip hop. This is an easy album to revisit and with each listen seems to provide something new to uncover. It’s deep in a silly way, and it smacks hard in a playful way. Fav tracks: Meddle with Metal, Badness of Madness, Captain Crunch, Don’t Spoil It, Stun Gun.


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