Elle King – Shake the Spirit (2018) 5.8

Genre: Retro Pop Country
Rating: 5.8

Track List:
1. “Talk of the Town” 3:36
2. “Baby Outlaw” 3:19
3. “Shame” 2:39
4. “Man’s Man” 2:48
5. “Naturally Pretty Girls” 3:13
6. “Told You So” 2:39
7. “Good Thing Gone” 4:52
8. “Runaway” 4:26
9. “It Girl” 3:42
10. “Ram Jam” 4:06
11. “Sober” 4:25
12. “Chained” (featuring Cameron Neal) 4:10
13. “Little Bit of Lovin‘” 6:33

Elle King’s sophomore album, Shake the Spirit, is a sonically diverse genre hopping modern rock record that channels her negative experiences with her marriage into a strong presence. The lead single “Shame” is, I guess, the obvious choice for a commercial single, but it sounds a little contrived to me. Actually, there are a bunch of songs on this one that are just okay but that shouldn’t stop you from giving this album a listen because the hits on this album are incredible and when you hear them you won’t be mad about listening to the filler.

The weary ballad “Good Thing Gone” channels old southern soul records, and to me, stands out as what should have been the real single. I can’t say enough how much I loe this song. Also, the goofy, unapologetic boot-stomper “It Girl” is a rowdy good time. And finally, King’s fight song “Little Bit of Lovin'” is one hell of a closer.

Give it a listen.

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