Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams (2018) 9.7

Genre: Experimental Hardcore
Rating: 9.7

Track List
1. “None of Your Business Man” 5:18
2. “Raise Your Voice Joyce” 2:47
3. “Tell Me What You See” 3:26
4. “Normal People” 5:46
5. “Torch to Light” 4:41
6. “Talking Pictures” 6:17
7. “House of Keys” 3:08
8. “Dose Your Dreams” 5:30
9. “Living in a Simulation” 3:13
10. “I Don’t Wanna Live in This World Anymore” 5:20
11. “How to Die Happy” 4:52
12. “Two I’s Closed” 2:30
13. “The One I Want Will Come for Me” 5:23
14. “Mechanical Bull” 4:32
15. “Accelerate” 5:30
16. “Came Down Wrong” 3:45
17. “Love Is an Island in the Sea” 2:26
18. “Joy Stops Time” 7:51

Damian Abraham, the lead singer of Fucked Up, takes a back seat on their fifth full length album to allow a diversity of voices take us on yet another tale of the re-occuring character David Eliade. That’s right, this is the second rock opera that tells the story of the bands fictional manager.

With my first listen, I was immediately energized and in love but by halfway through the album I was just confused. Who are all these singers? Where is Damien’s voice? Was that electronica? Disco? With each listen, it grew on me more and more until I realized that most of this album is fucking awesome. The band took a big risk with this album and I think it paid off. It’s a bold, sprawling, unhinged, life-affirming statement.

They have unshackled themselves from genre and embraced a creative polarity that keeps them from being a hardcore band in any traditional sense and I am totally okay with that. Hardcore had it’s time, this is Fucked Up!

Check it out and support here.

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