Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers – Bought to Rot (2018) 9.2

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 9.2

Track List:
1. “China Beach” 2:04
2. “Born in Black” 3:10
3. “The Airplane Song” 2:30
4. “Apocalypse Now (& Later)” 2:15
5. “Reality Bites” 2:11
6. “Amsterdam Hotel Room” 2:07
7. “The Friendship Song” 3:04
8. “I Hate Chicago” 3:03
9. “Screamy Dreamy” 2:05
10. “Manic Depression” 3:48
11. “The Acid Test Song” 3:06
12. “The Hotel Song” 2:49
13. “Valeria Golino” 3:15
14. “The Apology Song” 2:54

This album is all over the place. It’s like everything that Laura has been writing that just doen’t fit an Against Me! album is represented here in a stream of consciousness style that runs through acoustic early Against Me! style folk-punk to blistering humour to honest introspection to polished Tom Petty inspired story songs to strained and anthemic punk and rock songs; and it’s all glorious!

Favourite tracks: ‘China Beach’ and ‘Manic Depression’.

Check it out and support here.

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