MGMT – Little Dark Ages (2018) 7

Genre: Synth-Pop
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. “She Works Out Too Much” 4:38
2. “Little Dark Age” 4:59
3. “When You Die” 4:23
4. “Me and Michael” 4:49
5. “TSLAMP” 4:29
6. “James” 3:52
7. “Days That Got Away” 4:44
8. “One Thing Left to Try” 4:20
9. “When You’re Small” 3:30
10. “Hand It Over” 4:14

In part a return to synth pop form that still tackles the psychedelic freak pop and eccentric expression that has dominated MGMT’s later albums. The return to the synth-pop roots of ‘Oracular Spectacular’ works really well on singles ‘Little Dark Age’ and ‘When You Die’. And can also be found so over the top on ‘She Works Out Too Much’ and “Me and Michael’ that it seems like a tongue in cheek self-deprecating satire of themselves. This makes sense from a band that has been accused of deliberately sabotaging their career with the albums that followed 2007’s monster debut ‘Oracular Spectacular’. This album might be trying to please all of their fans and that usually results in a watered down sound that pleases nobody but MGMT seems to have found the pocket with “Little Dark Age’. It manages to balance the eccentric weirdness with pop hooks.

Favourite tracks: “When You Die” and “When You’re Small”.

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