Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (2018) 10

Genre: Blackgaze
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. “You Without End” 7:36
2. “Honeycomb” 11:04
3. “Canary Yellow” 12:17
4. “Near” 5:28
5. “Glint” 10:57
6. “Night People” 4:07
7. “Worthless Animal” 10:07

This album is so amazing that it is hard to find the words. It is one of the most sonically diverse metal album that I’ve ever heard. It fluctuates between dark, moody and intricate soundscapes to blasts of crushingly heavy metal that somehow manages to be heavy without necessarily being ‘loud’. As gentle as it is brutal; it’s the sound of the existential beauty that lies dormant under all the layers of pain that form our Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

Favourite tracks: ‘You Without End’, ‘Canary Yellow’ & ‘Glint’.

Check it out and support here.

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