Seez Mics – Live Long Enough To Learn (2018) 7

Genre: Conscious Hip Hop
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Before You Leave 01:43
2. Do It Anyway 01:57
3. The End Has Begun feat. Sage Francis 02:54
4. My Pincode To Everything 03:11
5. Buy The Time 03:34
6. Heart Of Me 03:34
7. Figure ‘Em Out feat. Slug of Atmosphere & Open Mike Eagle 04:21
8. Big Picture Perfect 02:49
9. The Moment feat. Barbara van der Vossen 04:32
10. Ad Hoc 02:30
11. Terratory 03:07
12. Better To You 02:38
13. Nuanced feat. DJ Idee 02:52
14. Fresh Socks 03:05

Decent hip hop album that could have benefited from some trimming of the fat. Nevertheless the highlights stand among some of the best.

Favourite tracks: ‘Big Picture Perfect’ & ‘The Moment’

Check it out and support here.

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