Armand Hammer – Paraffin (2018) 7

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Sweet Micky 02:29
2. Rehearse with Ornette 04:24
3. Dettol 02:32
4. No Days Off 02:59
5. Fuhrman Tapes 03:14
6. Hunter 04:23
7. Alternate Side Parking 02:30
8. If He Holla feat. Skech185 03:34
9. Black Garlic 02:03
10. VX 02:53
11. Vindaloo 03:55
12. ECOMOG 03:51
13. Bob Barker 02:21
14. Sudden Death 02:29
15. Root Farm 03:21

Poetical meditations on life, poverty and politics through a hard edged hip hop lens from NYC based duo Armand Hammer. Unapologetically intense lyrical candor that creeps its way through an industrial soundtrack of murky dark beats. This is not your feel good escapist record, it slaps you across the face with the elephant in the room and leaves you raw and uneasy .

Favourite Tracks: ‘No Days Off’, ‘VX’ & ‘Root Farm’

Check it out and support here.

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