Pan Amsterdam – The Pocket Watch (2018) 7.6

Genre: Jazzy Hip Hop
Rating: 7.6

Track List:
1. The Pocket Watch 01:15
2. Plus One 02:17
3. Hunan Garden Takeout 03:30
4. Randy Smiff Diner 01:56
5. Know The Difference (Video #1) (Video #2) 02:37
6. Good Ol’ Days 01:18
7. Landlord Elijah 02:33
8. The Lotion Song 02:32
9. Darlene 01:24
10. Greek Codfish 04:38

It’s pretentious in a listenable sort of way. You can’t help but get the feeling that it’s all one big joke, and the joke’s probably on you except you’re to daft to figure it out, either that, or it’s an inside joke that you laugh at because it seems funny, but you’re not invited to ‘get it’. It’s a fun album. Pairs well with sexy dinner parties.

Favourite track: “Plus One”

Check it out here.

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