Noname – Room 25 (2018) 8.6

Genre: Jazz Rap
Rating: 8.6

Track List:
1. “Self” 1:35
2. “Blaxploitation” 2:13
3. “Prayer Song” (featuring Adam Ness) 4:18
4. “Window” (featuring Phoelix) 4:38
5. “Don’t Forget About Me” 3:39
6. “Regal” 2:48
7. “Montego Bae” (featuring Ravyn Lenae) 2:44
8. “Ace” (featuring Smino and Saba) 3:03
9. “Part of Me” (featuring Phoelix and Benjamin Earl Turner) 3:16
10. “With You” 2:29
11. “No Name” (featuring Yaw and Adam Ness) 4:06

Slick, hypnotic refreshing, and somehow both quick and laid back at the same time. Her carefully chosen wordcraft is something to be in awe of. This is a really cool album, and I mean cool in that badass jazz sense. It sets the bar so high on the first four songs that it’s hard not to be a little disappointed by the good songs that fill up the rest of the album.

Favourite Tracks: “Self”, “Blaxploitation” & “Prayer Song”

Sample and support here.

Enjoy music.

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