High On Fire – Electric Messiah (2018) 9.4

Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 9.4

Track List:
1. “Spewn from the Earth” 3:59
2. “Steps of the Ziggurat / House of Enlil” 9:21
3. “Electric Messiah” 4:16
4. “Sanctioned Annihilation” 10:29
5. “The Pallid Mask” 5:15
6. “God of the Godless” 5:20
7. “Freebooter” 4:57
8. “The Witch and the Christ” 6:32
9. “Drowning Dog” 6:43

Take a deep breathe before you throw this album on because you won’t get many for the next 56 minutes of relentless thrash sludge. It’s like if Lemmy sang Dio lyrics to Slayer. In fact, the title track is inspired by a dream where Pike is being hazed for being compared to Lemmy and feeling like he can’t fill Lemmy’s shoes. The homage is obvious:

“All give praise as the ace hits the stage
All are amazed at the cards that he played
My homage paid to the king in his grave
He’s playing bass & he’s melting your face”

Favourite Tracks: “Electric Messiah”, “Steps of the Ziggurat / House of Enlil” & “Drowning Dog”

Support and sample here.

Enjoy music.

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