Bloodshot Bill – Come Get Your Love Right Now (2019) 10

Genre: Rockabilly
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Come Get Your Love 02:31
2. Take Me For a Ride 02:27
3. Stumble 01:46
4. Don’t Say Goodbye 02:20
5. Only Girl 02:15
6. Know Myself 02:33
7. Hook Me 02:16
8. Do What You Do 01:58
9. Drivin’ 02:34
10. Driftin’ 01:41
11. Don’t Ever Go Away 02:15
12. Just Because 01:47
13. Drowning 01:46
14. Don’t Mind at All 02:11
15. One at a Time 01:51
16. Honey Dolling 02:06

This is a 2019 album? Yup. Bill’s haunting howls and loose-stringed strums reverberates through this instant timeless classic. Just try to stay off your feet when you throw this one on.

Sometimes it seems the universe is really out to get me. I discovered Bloodshot Bill and this gem of an album the day before he played my city. I’ll be there next time.

Favourite Tracks: “Come Get Your Love”, “Only Girl”, “Know Myself” & Hook Me”

Support and sample here.


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