Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile (1999) 8.6

Genre: Industrial Rock
Rating: 8.6

Track List:

Left Disc
1. “Somewhat Damaged” 4:31
2. “The Day the World Went Away” 4:33
3. “The Frail” 1:54
4. “The Wretched” 5:25
5. “We’re in This Together” 7:16
6. “The Fragile” 4:35
7. “Just Like You Imagined” 3:49
8. “Even Deeper” 5:48
9. “Pilgrimage” 3:31
10. “No, You Don’t” 3:35
11. “La Mer” 4:37
12. “The Great Below” 5:17

Right Disc
1. “The Way Out Is Through” 4:17
2. “Into the Void” 4:49
3. “Where Is Everybody?” 5:40
4. “The Mark Has Been Made” 5:15
5. “Please” 3:30
6. “Starfuckers, Inc.” 5:00
7. “Complication” 2:30
8. “I’m Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally” 4:13
9. “The Big Come Down” 4:12
10. “Underneath It All” 2:46
11. “Ripe (With Decay)” 6:3

Nine Inch Nails at the top of Trent’s game. It’s excessive, brooding, aggressive and beautiful, transitioning flawlessly from soft piano to explosive walls of distorted guitar and everything in between (including the sexy synth groove or two). Coming in at the end of the 90’s it’s the perfect way to cap off the generation and transition into the void that comes next.

Favourite Tracks: “Somewhat Damaged”, “Starfuckers, Inc”, “Into The Void”, “We’re In This Together”, “The Day The World Went Away”

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