Blackalicious – A2G EP (1999) 9.2

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 9.2

Track List:
1. “A to G” 2:27
2. “Clockwork” 4:31
3. “Rock the Spot” 4:20
4. “Back to the Essence” (featuring Lateef) 3:33
5. “Deception” 4:36
6. “Making Progress” 3:12
7. “Alphabet Aerobics” (The Cut Chemist 2 ½ Minute Workout) 2:13

Gift of Gab, the rap technicians, alliterating abilities are on full display on this playful EP from ’99. The EP’s funky beats and lyrical virtuosity is as much rap for rap’s sake as it is a statement on Blackalicious’ position within the current state of hip hop. Also, and most importantly, it’s about the alphabet. And that is something that hasn’t been cool since Sesame Street.

Favourite Tracks: “Alphabet Aerobics” & “Clockwork”

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