Clowns – Nature/Nurture (2019) 8

Genre: Hardcore Punk/Skate Punk
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. Bland Is The New Black 01:47
2. Soul For Sale 03:45
3. Freezing In The Sun 03:54
4. Nature 03:38
5. I Wanna Feel Again 04:21
6. I Shaved My Legs For You 04:21
7. 1:19 01:38
8. Prick 02:26
9. Prey For Us 03:22
10. May I Be Exhumed? 01:26
11. Nurture 05:05

Clowns power through their 4th LP with reckless pace and just enough breathing room to keep their listeners head screwed on. It’s mostly hardcore, sometimes skate punk, and with just a little psychedelia thrown about to keep things fresh.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Bland Is The New Black’, ‘Soul For Sale’ & ‘Freezing In The Sun’

Support and sample here.

Enjoy Music.

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