CJ Ramone – The Holy Spell… (2019) 5.3

Genre: Punk
Rating: 5.3

Track List:
1. One High One Low 03:02
2. This Town 02:24
3. Crawling from the Wreckage 03:00
4. I’m Disappointed 02:35
5. Waitin’ on the Sun 02:43
6. Hands of Mine 03:23
7. There Stands the Glass 01:44
8. Movin’ On 02:31
9. Stand Up 02:25
10. Postcard from Heaven 02:59
11. Blue Skies 02:56
12. Rock On 03:15

CJ cut his chops as bassist for the Ramones and even though he could have retired on that legacy he continues to churn out albums for the pure love music.

Favourite tracks: ‘Stand Up’, ‘This Town’ & ‘Hands of Mine’

Sample and support here.

Enjoy music.

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