Neil Young + Stray Gators – Tuscaloosa (2019) 8.1

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. “Here We Are in the Years” 3:56
2. “After the Gold Rush” 4:42
3. “Out On the Weekend” 5:29
4. “Harvest” 4:14
5. “Old Man” 4:17
6. “Heart of Gold” 3:48
7. “Time Fades Away” 6:10
8. “Lookout Joe” 4:59
9. “New Mama” 3:01
10. “Alabama” 3:50
11. “Don’t Be Denied” 8:09

Young unearths a scraggy 1973 concert with his Harvest era backing band the Stray Gators. One wouldn’t be faulted for skipping this release. Between Young’s original new albums and his archive releases he keeps a relentless release schedule, and it’s easy to become burned out (better than fading out though, right?). Tuscaloosa is a muddy, ragged and shambling affair and it’s one of the better Archive releases.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Out On the Weekend’, ‘Time Fades Away’ & ‘Lookout Joe’

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