The Tragically Hip – The Tragically Hip (1987) 8.7

Genre: Rock
Rating: 8.7

Track List:
1. “Small Town Bringdown” 3:05
2. “Last American Exit” 3:50
3. “Killing Time” 4:50
4. “Evelyn” 2:25
5. “Cemetery Sideroad” 3:15
6. “I’m a Werewolf, Baby” 3:20
7. “Highway Girl” 3:28
8. “All-Canadian Surf Club” (CD only) 2:50

Not too shabby of a start for these Canadian legends. Unmistakable Tragically Hip classic rock sounds with tongue in cheek lyrical content of Canadian society that is too often taken literally. Plus the inclusion of ‘Highway Girl’, the story of a double suicide starts Gord’s tradition of dense storytelling (check out the live version of this song for a deeper mythology, it’s b-side to the ‘Twist My Arm’ single).

Favourite Tracks: ‘Small Town Bringdown’ & ‘Killing Time’

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