Bracket – Too Old To Die Young (2019) 7.2

Genre: Pop Punk
Rating: 7.2

Track List:
1. Cloud Ate 02:07
2. Forget 02:18
3. Canned from the Food Drive 02:44
4. Exit Interview 01:36
5. A Perfect Misfit 02:14
6. Under the Moon 02:16
7. Arting Starvist 01:50
8. Going out of Style in Style 01:58
9. Warren’s Song Pt. 29 02:49
10. Antisocial Inactivism 02:16
11. A Hot Comedy 02:06

I think I’m probably too old to listen to pop punk by pop punks that are probably too old to play pop punk but ‘Too Old to Die Young’ is pretty good pop punk album so fuck it let’s pogo.

Favourite Tracks” “Cloud Ate”, “A Perfect Misfit” & “Warren’s Song Pt. 2”

Support and sample here.

Enjoy music.

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