Fucked Up – Year of the Dragon (2014) 10

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Year of the Dragon 18:02
2. I Wanna Be A Yank 02:33
3. Disorder 02:00

Like ‘Year of the Snake‘, this is part of Fucked Up’s Zodiac Series of EPs. The format of all these releases includes one long sprawling title track and one or two short, (or rather regular length for the hardcore genre) tracks. This time the ‘The Dragon’ clocks in at just over 18 minutes and it whips and swirls it’s way through hardcore punk, spacious psych and epic prog-metal segments. These long Fucked Up songs are always pretty cool but the highlight for me is the 2 and 1/2 minute second track ‘I Wanna Be A Yank’. It’s a punchy little hardcore psych track that works well with the live feeling of the production.

Favourite Track: ‘I Wanna Be A Yank’

Sample and support here.

Enjoy music.

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