Wussy – Forever Sounds (2016) 9.5

Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Dropping Houses 04:16
2. She’s Killed Hundreds 02:46
3. Donny’s Death Scene 05:11
4. Gone 03:16
5. Hello, I’m a Ghost 03:52
6. Hand of God 03:47
7. Sidewalk Sale 02:44
8. Better Days 03:39
9. Majestic-12 04:21
10. My Parade 04:22

Dreamy psychedelic grunge. Textured walls of fuzz offer a backdrop for Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walkers nostalgic vocals. The album explores some of the biggest questions humanity can ask about love, loss, ghosts, aliens, the supernatural and most importantly The Big Lebowski.

Favourite tracks: ‘Dropping Houses’, ‘She’s Killed Hundreds’ & ‘Donny’s Death Scene’

Support and sample here.


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