The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream (2014) 8.9

Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 8.9

Track List:
1. “Under the Pressure” 8:51
2. “Red Eyes” 4:58
3. “Suffering” 6:00
4. “An Ocean in Between the Waves” 7:11
5. “Disappearing” 6:49
6. “Eyes to the Wind” 5:55
7. “The Haunting Idle” 3:08
8. “Burning” 5:46
9. “Lost in the Dream” 4:08
10. “In Reverse” 7:41

Relaxed anthems for long drives. I’m convinced that this album rhythmically can match the spin of your tires on the highway during a long tired wordless drive home. Introspective and cathartic like a dreamy Springsteen for a lost generation.

Favourite tracks: ‘Under the Pressure’, ‘Red Eyes’, & ‘An Ocean in Between the Waves’.

Sample and support here.


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