The Pilgrim – Walking Into The Forest (2019) 7.5

Genre: Space Folk
Rating: 7.5

Track List:
1. Peace of Mind 04:00
2. The Time You Wait 04:44
3. Sailor 04:47
4. Dragonfly 04:53
5. Sunset In The Desert 01:24
6. Brainstorm 03:00
7. Pendulum 03:41
8. When I Call Your Name 03:29
9. Secrets 04:34
10. Suite #2 03:37

It’s easy to get lost in the acoustic groove of this psychedelic space folk album. Like a cosmic Dashboard Confessional for stoner rock fans. That’s no insult. Early Dashboard is awesome. Stoner rock is awesome. And this album is awesome.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Peace of Mind’, ‘Dragonfly’ & ‘Sunset In The Desert’

Support and sample here.

Enjoy music.

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