Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey (2019) 8.5

Genre: Rock
Rating: 8.5

Track List:
1. “Broken Mirror Pose” 02:37
2. “O! Lucky Hand” 03:10
3. “2 Ugly 4 NY” 02:15
4. “Blackhole/Joyride” 03:36
5. “Bed of Needles #2” 03:08
6. “Deathwish Blue” 03:59
7. “Blood in the Water” 01:10
8. “Buzzkill Caterwaul” 04:47
9. “Sunday Driver” 03:40
10. “Johnny (Free & Easy)” 04:03
11. “She’s Lily Riptide” 03:42

‘Showboat Honey’ shares its name with Kyle’s backing band indicating that after his previous two solo efforts that he and his band may have solidified into a more cohesive song writing unit.

All of the songs on the album are pretty good but the lineup in the middle of the record from Track 4: ‘Blackhole/Joyride’ all the way into track 7: ‘Buzzkill Caterwaul’ is where Craft & the band’s ‘craft’ (sorry) really shines. All in the span of about 15 minutes of sonic bliss they showcase some of their most soul-filled storytelling, grandiose balladeering, delicate tenderness & larger-than-life arena showboating moments to date.  It’s a fun ride.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Deathwish Blue’, ‘Blackhole/Joyride’ & ‘Buzzkill Caterwaul’

Support and sample here.


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