High on Fire – Bat Salad (2019) 8.3

Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8.3

Track List:
1. Bat Salad 05:34
2. Into The Crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost Cover) 04:17
3. Don’t Bother Me (Bad Brains Cover) 03:00

Remember that time High on Fire became a jam band for like 5 minutes?

This record store day exclusive EP contains one original song, the raw guitar jam instrumental titled ‘Bat Salad’ followed by two covers: ‘Into The Crypts of Rays’ by Celtic Frost (From Morbid Tales) and ‘Don’t Bother Me’ by Bad Brains (From Quickness). It’s an eclectic salad that may or may not contain actual bats.

Favourite Track: ‘Don’t Bother Me’

Support and sample here.


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