FIDLAR – Almost Free (2019) 4.9

Genre: Garage Punk
Rating: 4.9

Track List:
1. “Get Off My Rock” 3:17
2. “Can’t You See” 2:58
3. “By Myself” 3:34
4. “Flake” 3:47
5. “Alcohol” 3:16
6. “Almost Free” (instrumental) 2:15
7. “Scam Likely” 3:04
8. “Called You Twice” (featuring K.Flay) 4:23
9. “Nuke” 0:38
10. “Too Real” 4:05
11. “Kick” 3:11
12. “Thought. Mouth.” 3:37
13. “Good Times Are Over” 3:39

FIDLAR seems to be searching for a new sound with their third album, Almost Free. In a departure from the in-your-face skate punk style that FIDLAR has become known for, the lead single, a tongue-in-cheek SoCal pop rock song that could have been released in 2000, ‘Can’t You See’ finds FIDLAR singing about searching for something new.

Sell the jeans that I bought last week, last week, last week
That was so last week
Now I need a new thing, new thing, new thing

Indeed they are trying new things. A lot of new things. A few skate punk bangers can still be found on this album hidden in between Beastie Boys meets Kid Rock rap rock, straight up pop rock reminiscent of bands like Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray, a movie theme sounding instrumental and a whiny break up ballad.

Favourite tracks: ‘Too Real’, ‘Kick’, ‘Can’t You See’, ‘Alcohol’

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