Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left (1969) 8

Genre: Folk
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. “Time Has Told Me” 4:27
2. “River Man” 4:21
3. “Three Hours” 6:16
4. “Way to Blue” 3:11
5. “Day Is Done” 2:29
6. “‘Cello Song” 4:49
7. “The Thoughts of Mary Jane” 3:22
8. “Man in a Shed” 3:55
9. “Fruit Tree” 4:50
10. “Saturday Sun” 4:03

‘Five Leaves Left’, the first of only three full length albums by Nick Drake was largely ignored by music audiences of it’s time. This is, of course, in stark contrast to the legendary status that Drake’s music enjoys today. Recorded two albums before his acclaimed Pink Moon and only 5 years before his death, Drake would never know the success and impact of his music. Intricate arrangements of folk, blues and jazz form a confident backdrop for Drake’s fragile and melancholy introspection and observations.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Time Has Told Me’, ‘Man in a Shed’ & ‘Saturday Sun’

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