Ezra Furman – Twelve Nudes (2019) 10.9

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 10.9

Track List:
1. Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone 02:22
2. Evening Prayer aka Justice 02:55
3. Transition From Nowhere 03:11
4. Rated R Crusaders 02:16
5. Trauma 03:07
6. Thermometer 02:05
7. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend 03:29
8. Blown 00:55
9. My Teeth Hurt 02:31
10. In America 02:10
11. What Can You Do But Rock n Roll 02:32

An anxious statement of our times. Ezra’s humour and clever wordplay does not undermine the urgency and importance of the messages laid out in Twelve Nudes. Taking on apathy, gender, politics and more without being preachy. Ezra, not one to tell you what to do, draws you into the urgency.

Favourite tracks: ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’, ‘My Teeth Hurt’ & ‘Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone’

Support and sample here.


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