Minor Threat – First Two 7″s (1984) 8.2

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Rating: 8.2

Track List:

Minor Threat EP
1. Filler 01:32
2. I Don’t Wanna Hear It 01:14
3. Seeing Red 01:03
4. Straight Edge 00:45
5. Small Man, Big Mouth 00:55
6. Screaming At A Wall 01:32
7. Bottled Violence 00:54
8. Minor Threat 01:29

Flex Your Head
9. Stand Up 00:52
10. 12XU 01:04

In My Eyes EP
11. In My Eyes 02:49
12. Out Of Step (With The World) 01:15
13. Guilty Of Being White 01:17
14. Steppin’ Stone 02:12

Ian MacKaye, Lyle Preslar, Brian Baker, and Jeff Nelson formed Minor Threat in Washington, DC in 1980. The band released three 7″ singles and an EP on Dischord before breaking up in 1983. This is a compilation of the first two 7″‘s ‘Minor Threat‘ & ‘In My Eyes‘ as well as two tracks from the ‘Flex Your Head‘ comp. It’s angry, preachy hardcore. Exactly what you’d expect from the guys who coined the term straight edge.

Favourite Tracks: ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear It’, ‘Straight Edge’, ‘Minor Threat’ & ‘Out Of Step’

Support and sample here.


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