Sturgill Simpson – The Dead Don’t Die (2019) 10

Genre: Country
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. The Dead Don’t Die 3:51

Sturgill’s theme song for Jim Jarmusch’s comedy movie of the same title. It’s a twangy country ballad that plays often throughout the movie. In a meta, breaking the 4th wall move by the director the song often referenced by the characters as the theme song of the movie that they are starring in.

Chief Cliff Robertson: Wow, that sounds so familiar. What is that song, Ronnie?
Officer Ronnie Peterson: It’s The Dead Don’t Die, by Sturgill Simpson.
Chief Cliff Robertson: Sturgill Simpson. Why does it sound so familiar?
Officer Ronnie Peterson: Well, because it’s the theme song.
Chief Cliff Robertson: The theme song?
Officer Ronnie Peterson: Yeah.

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