Alexisonfire – Familiar Drugs (2019) 10

Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Familiar Drugs 04:18

The first of two singles released by Alexisonfire in 2019. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Alexisonfire is back and sounding better than ever. Of this new track,  lead vocalist George Pettit says “‘Familiar Drugs’ is about recognizing you need to make a change in your life, being presented with the opportunity to make that change, and then choosing to do the same thing you always do. It’s about something very specific to me but it can be taken literally or interpreted in any number of ways. Most people have something in their lives they can’t quit, substances, unhealthy relationships, lethargy, self righteousness, a job they hate. ‘Familiar Drugs’ is about choosing comfort over self betterment.”

The song itself, a grungy, post-hardcore foot stomper that might be a sign of new music to come or just a one off gift for fans, either way, it’s a welcomed surprise from these veterans of the scene.

Support and sample here.


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