Amigo the Devil – Bridge City Sessions (Live) (2019) 15

Genre: Dark Folk
Rating: 15

Track List:
1. Cocaine and Abel 4:03
2. First Day of the End of My Life 2:38
3. I Hope Your Husband Dies 4:11
4. One Kind of People 4:17

This 4 song live EP showcases the stripped down raw talent of Amigo the Devil. His Gothic folk storytelling takes on existential themes such as suicide, lost love, meaning and death. It’s an emotive performance that at times can be absurdly humorous, crushingly heavy, or powerfully uplifting.  If you’re alive you will connect to these songs because for all Amigo sings about death he is really singing about the experience of life.

Favourite tracks: ‘Cocaine and Abel’ & ‘I Hope Your Husband Dies’

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