Windhand – Live Elsewhere (2019) 7.8

Genre: Live, Doom Metal
Rating: 7.8

Track List:
1. Intro 01:21
2. Old Evil 06:11
3. Diablerie 06:55
4. First To Die 08:17
5. Forest Clouds* 11:16
6. Grey Garden 07:17
7. Orchard 07:43
8. Feather 13:19
9. Red Cloud* 05:15
10. Cassock 11:44

From the witchy intro through limited banter, feedback lulls & audible audience conversations into a mesmerizing set of songs; this is one live album that never let’s the listener forget it is live. It’s a statement that Windhand doesn’t need the studio to pacify their listeners into an unearthly hypnotic trance.

Watch the full video set here.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Diablerie’, ‘Grey Garden’ & ‘Red Cloud’.

Support and sample here.


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