The Dirty Nil – Master Volume (Deluxe) (2019) 7.6

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 7.6

Track List:
1. That’s What Heaven Feels Like 02:49
2. Bathed in Light 02:23
3. Pain of Infinity 02:56
4. Please, Please Me 02:03
5. Auf Wiedersehen 03:38
6. Always High 02:44
7. Smoking is Magic 02:49
8. Super 8 02:31
9. I Don’t Want the Phone Call 02:17
10. Evil Side 05:58
11. Hit the Lights
12. Astro Ever After
13. Idiot Victory

Originally released in 2018, Master Volume, the second full length by Ontario’s rock-n-roll punks The Dirty Nil, was released again in 2019 as a deluxe package with three bonus tracks including two original songs and a cover of Metallica’s ‘Hit the Lights’. The return of The Dirty Nil, finds the boys reworking the formula used for 2016’s electrifying ‘Higher Power’ with a little more polish and shine. The fuzzy, feedback heavy, high-speed rock and roll is still here and with it just a touch of indulgent glossy glam rock influences ala Bolan or Bowie.

Favourite tracks: ‘Please, Please Me’, ‘That’s What Heaven Feels Like’, ‘Bathed in Light’ & ‘Smoking is Magic’

Support and sample the original 2018 album here.


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