Black Mountain – Destroyer (2019) 9.3

Genre: Neo-Psychedelia
Rating: 9.3

Track List:
1. Future Shade 05:10
2. Horns Arising 06:51
3. Closer to the Edge 02:53
4. High Rise 06:11
5. Pretty Little Lazies 04:58
6. Boogie Lover 06:18
7. Licensed to Drive 04:44
8. FD’72 05:47

Destroyer is a diabolical nostalgia-fest of an album full of blazing hot synth led rock music that could be the perfect soundtrack to a hard boiled 1980’s action flick. It’s a bit campy but it’s not cheesy. A true album with a unified vision and sound, executed well and lot’s of fun.  Also, it gets the award for the best album cover of the year.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Horns Arising’ & ‘Future Shade’

Support and sample here.


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