T Bone Burnett, Jay Bellerose, & Keefus Ciancia – The Invisible Light / Acoustic Space (2019) 8.4

Genre: Experimental
Rating: 8.4

Track List:
1. “High John” – 9:00
2. “A Man Without a Country (All Data Are Compromised)” – 8:12
3. “To Beat the Devil” – 8:09
4. “Anti Cyclone” – 6:31
5. “The Secret in Their Eyes” – 5:53
6. “Being There” – 6:11
7. “Itopia Chant” – 0:12

Absolutely stunning! The liner notes should be enough to convince anyone to listen. This is the first of a planned trilogy about technology. Meditative soundscapes and existential poetry for the technologically haunted.

the invisible light

Favourite tracks: ‘High John’ & ‘To Beat the Devil’.

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