Sarah Mary Chadwick – The Queen Who Stole The Sky (2019) 8.1

Genre: Organ Rock
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. Confetti 04:45
2. Kesey Peasy 03:10
3. Hurtle Through It 03:33
4. Anniversary 03:47
5. Just Came To Pray 05:38
6. On The Make 02:41
7. Next In Line 04:25
8. Make Plans 03:42
9. The Queen Who Stole The Sky 04:01
10. Pretend Lover 02:55
11. Something So Sweet 04:03

Eleven sparse and yet immense songs commissioned by the City of Melbourne to be written (in only 3 months!!), performed and recorded live on Melbourne Town Hall’s 147 year old grand organ. The formula is simple: powerful grand organ, melancholic vocals and emotionally dense lyrics. The organ is the perfect companion to Sarah’s tales of loss, grief, existential crisis and the uncomfortable unease that accompanies being alive with your eyes open.  It’s a vast and sweeping piece of work that is guaranteed to help even the most life-numbed souls feel many of the feels.

Favourite tracks: ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’, ‘I Just Came to Pray’ & ‘Make Plans’

Support and sample here.


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