Cave In – Final Transmission (2019) 8.2

Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 8.2

Track List:
1. Final Transmission 02:02
2. All Illusion 03:35
3. Shake My Blood 04:16
4. Night Crawler 03:12
5. Lunar Day 02:22
6. Winter Window 04:40
7. Lanterna 03:54
8. Strange Reflection 04:06
9. Led To The Wolves 03:12

Final Transmission the song and the album are just that, the final musical transmissions of bassist Caleb Scofield. The title track features the vocals of Scofield that had been sent to the band via voice memo. It was intended to be a song idea; it became a literal Final Transmission once the band had learned that Scofield had been killed in car crash shortly  after a recording session that led to this album. The remaining members finished the material that was intended to be demo’s for a future album. The recording of Final Transmission was a tribute to Scofield and likely a a sort of cathartic therapy for the surviving band members. The future of Cave In may be uncertain, but this album will live on.

Favourite tracks: ‘Final Transmission’, ‘All Illusion’, ‘Shake My Blood’ & ‘Winter Window’

Support and sample here.


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